Upcoming events...

Get ready for an updated calender for the upcoming events for the remainder of the Baker Tilly year.

feel free to visit our youtube channel to view inspiring media from ourexciting group of speakers

Click this link to go straight to the channel

Dumelang! At Baker Tilly we are all about family because we are family! Across borders and oceans we are one! Here are some highlights from our most recent staff cocktail/dinner in Gaborone Botswana with our CEO Mr Phibion Gwatidzo, our Deputy CEO Mr Samuel Njanji and team Baker Tilly

RSVP for events to:

Victoria Shumba:    +263 242 369730    victoria.shumba@bakertilly.co.zw

Theresa Mukanyi:    263 242 369730     theresa.mukanyi@bakertilly.co.zw

Vimbai Kyazze:    263 242 369730          Vimba.kyazze@bakertilly.co.zw

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