Now for tomorrow

Great conversations. Great relationships. Great futures.

Baker Tilly Chartered Accountants

Baker Tilly Chartered Accountants

Baker Tilly is a client focused company offering various services including Auditing, Corporate Advisory, Taxation, Monitoring & Evaluation, Information Technology Audit Consultancy to mention just a few. Need help for your business? You’re in the right place

At Baker Tilly we are inspired to assist all our clients in reducing Enterprise Risk, Fraud, Leakages, Losses, Reputation Risk, Tax Penalties in a bid to maximise investor interest and business profitability. Internal control evaluation is a powerful tool through which business process re-engineering can be based on, to improve efficiency. We have over twenty years’ experience in working with Tax Regulators, which has assisted us in staying abreast with legislation amendments thus making us relevant to all our clients for the purposes of Tax Issues in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Malawi.



Welcome to the revamped and refreshed Baker Tilly! Baker Tilly International is stronger than ever with a global workforce of 33,600 in 147 territories and six continents.

Now, for tomorrow.
These three words pack a powerful punch. They acknowledge that disruption is all around us and standing still is not an option. We must push forward to guide our clients through the ever-changing business world. We are here to help them win now and anticipate tomorrow.

Now, for tomorrow.
This phrase captures what we stand on every day: great relationships, great conversations, and great futures. We know our clients by name and value our relationships. We have tomorrow’s conversations, today. And we embrace the opportunities that tomorrow presents.

This is not something we aspire to be, it is who we are.

On 3 December 2018, we introduced a refreshed brand identity. This includes a refreshing new logo, sharp colour palette and strong value proposition. Together, these reflect the progression of our global network.

Let us have great conversations and in doing so develop great relationships so that together we are guaranteed great futures.

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Highlights of WeCan Power Talk

Highlight reel of the WeCan Power Talk!

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